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Care is Essential.

Everyday, families struggle to provide their children with diapers and proper hygiene care due to the economic and financial climate in the United States. The government does not support these needs.


Washing Hands

How Do We Work?



We Receive Donations.

The first step in this endeavor comes from the help of the community. Through financial contributions, we will be able to continually provide support items for individuals and families in low-income and poverty. 


We Organize Requests.

As we receive donations, we are also organizing requests from individuals and families in need of diapers, hygiene products, and cleaning supplies.


We Send Items.

Products are then sent monthly on the basis of the amount of donations that have been received.

We Offer Diaper, Hygiene, and Cleaning Products to Families with Care Needs.

Your Contributions Will Help Provide

Families the Care Items They Need.

Learn How You or Your Family

Can Receive Care Support.

The Need For Care


Nearly HALF of Americans reported a diaper need in 2023, a drastic increase from the 1/3 reported in 2022.


Many essential and sanitation items are NOT covered under food stamps and government programs.


Low-income families spend a larger percentage of their income on diapers.


12% of the US population receives food stamps, a program which does not include hygiene and care items.

As you grow older, you will discover that you have two hands, one for helping yourself, the other for helping others.

Maya Angelou

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